This website, or blog, is made specially for the paintingproject with 'Niños of Peru'
It's a collaboration between stichting Niños, you and me. 

Stichting Niños works wonders with neglected children, they can now eat healthy meals, get schooling, learn hygiene and see a doctor if it's needed. But they receive so much more! Jolanda van den Berg is the founder of this foundation and she helps more than 600 children per day and the number is still growing. 

My name is Lies Goemans and I have been invited to give painting-classes to 80 of the younger children. We are going to share a selection of their and my paintings daily on this blog and if you like to travel along you can receive those paintings in your e-mailbox for free every day.

So if you like to join the children's excitement of creativity in paint don't hesitate and subscribe HERE

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You are important to us because you can spread the news about this wonderful foundation, and of course we hope you want to make a donation to make this project a succes.

You can make a donation HERE

Some of you have already joined my earlier travel-projects, like a trip to India, a trip to China, the 3-yearsproject Happy-Mini-Mail, arrival of spring in the south of France or 'Out Of Africa. 
If so, you know I like to share my findings with you in -painted-pictures. I really like to take you with me on my trips. As if you are a true traveling companion.  

If you did'nt join me before and do like to know more about who I am and what I do you could take a look on some of my other websites or on facebook. And If you are not familiar with stichting Niños run over to the website stichtingninos.nl  and enjoy all the wonders they already achieved.

I hope you come along on this trip, enjoy! 

* On facebook you can be added to a private group and get news from behind the scene, here you can vote on your favorite painting. The one with the most likes will be sent to all subscribers on a high resolution for free! You will hear all about that after you subscribed.

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